Achieving environmental and comfort targets is an important part of every HVAC project.  Our experienced engineers carry out a wide range of commissioning projects including air change rates, air tightness testing and HVAC validation.

Our wide experience, which includes major projects such as the O2, the Shard and Wembley Stadium, and state-of-the-art test equipment allows us to quickly identify and resolve problems – keeping your project on time and on budget.

Our work follows CIBSE and BSRIA codes of practice, British standards and CSA guidelines.

Commissioning is the process of taking an installation from static completion to full operation – fulfilling the design requirements for comfort and efficiency.

The process can include:

Heating & chilled water system balancing

Supply & extract ventilation balancing

Mechanical/HVAC systems validation

Commissionability studies


With over 20 years of experience the result of the commissioning process will be a functional, compliant and energy efficient system.

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